Where can i watch series 4 of the Walking Dead

Found 9th Apr 2014
i have just finished series 3 and would like to start watching Series 4,

can anyone help ?
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google watchseries then find one that has .biz or .it or something on the end(there are loads of mirrored sites that contain the same links), there will be loads of links for each episode on there
sky on demand, NowTV, boxset, torrents,

Where have you actually looked?
Cheers guys

Series 4 is not on Demand or Now TV - thanks for your help though..

Aye that's pretty rubbish of sky, I see they only had a 28 day window or so on the on demand service. Looks like box set then (assuming you don't want to steal them)
Kickasstorrents, all in HD with no adverts. Use come.in if your isp has blocked it. Just looked the whole of season 4 (16 eps) is there.
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I wouldn't bother mate
season 4 lost the plot after the mid season break,
but I do wish I watched it like you where as I could watch it all in one go because it dragged on so much.
Download uTorrent and go from there. I have episodes 1-16 of season 4
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