where can we take the kiddies for new year

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Found 14th Nov 2009
was looking at pontins but bad reviews

children are 1 , 2 and 5 plus 4 adults

thanks for any ideas

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Might be obvious but Butlins is by far much better than any of the other "wannabees".
The kids LOVE it there.
Only been to the bognor regis 1 but they'll love it ]http//ww…or/
There's also the new hotel there with a spa if you fancied a bit of luxury - ]http//ww…spx

disney paris is the ultimate new year! this will be our third time-with a party of 6 the explorers hotel will be the cheapest.

And remember people are much more likely to write a review to complain than give praise..having said that it is always nice to go somewhere where the reviews are all good.. oh i think i'll just shut up :oops:

Pontins is disgusting imo-the camp was dirty to say the least. Wouldn't have stayed but kids were excited..
Butlins has always been enjoyable til this year. The camp seemed to be bursting-we wouldnt q an hour before the pool opened with 4 kids so didnt use it. There was not a quiet time to use it either....dining was a nightmare as impossible to get a table and when we did we had to q over and over for food. We came home 2 days early.

We have had xmas at Butlins and the actual festive break we had allocated tables and the camp was much quieter. We stayed a week and after the 4 day xmas break all hell let loose(it was the cheaper time between xmas and new year) so if you go make it over new year not b4 or after?

Barky how much does it cost to Disney? and who do you book through please


Remember quidco.

Theres loads of other places you could try but none so specifically child-friendly.


Beachy Head?


Beachy Head?

I laughed but i so shouldnt!!:w00t:

Wherever you go fr new year (in the UK) is gonna be expensive and cold. Disneyland Paris? That'll be mega busy and cost a fortune - and still be damn cold.

Beachy Head ... I feel guilty about laughing too!


toshapetriji:Beachy Head?I laughed but i so shouldnt!!

Beachy Head ... I feel guilty about laughing too!

Go on let it out you know it makes sense

A gentle shove.......................


Go on let it out you know it makes senseA gentle … Go on let it out you know it makes senseA gentle shove.......................

Watch out or you'll have the PC Police on your doorstep just like that poor woman this week in my home town. That was pathetic!

i have been to euro disney for new year. Been there in summer as well and done Florida 3 times. with children as young as your i would not consider it.
It will be packed.
It will be very cold and possibly damp so you cant sit down anywhere.
You quite often have to enter the park early in the morning because they can close the gates.
The kids will be fast asleep after a full day and wont see fireworks.
Your stress levels will higher than the castle.
Also if you are staying at one of the hotels they will put all prices up by a third new years eve. They did this two years ago and i think it is normal policy. That includes drinks.
We did it 4 couples and 8 kids two years ago and it was really exhausting then and the youngest was 8.
Good luck whatever you decide. Remember the kids will love it whatever as long as people are playing with them.

depends what you want to spend...we are thinking take them away last week of school or first week new year as i have seen deals to egypt heated pools all inc around £250 each. No crowds, some sun on your back and quality time

never done center parcs over new yrs but u do recommend it as a fab getaway for kids and adults. different things u can all do or use pool which is lovely and the lodges are really nice as well,
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