Where can you buy Nutella breadsticks?

Found 5th Apr 2018
Does anyone know where you can buy breadsticks from like what come with the Nutella go pots?

All the standard breadsticks are not sweet like the Nutella ones and also contain extra virgin olive oil as opose to palm oil in the Nutella.

Surely to god someone must sell them, Nutella are missing a trick not selling large packs of these with their chocolate jars.

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Porkys at a guess
ccnp9 m ago

Porkys at a guess

Have you tried the Pockys sweet? I recall those being quite sweet (has been a few years though).
They were selling them in Heron last week. If you have one local try there or b&m/ homebargains/ poundstretcher
If you have a polish shop near by, they will have them there
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