Where can you buy second hand books online, apart from fleabay and here?

    Can anyone suggest anywhere?


    amazon ;-)

    Amazon marketplace is pretty good, also try play traders on
    What book you looking for and i'll search through all the normal places i look at..

    abes books

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    none in particular, some by Tom Clancy would be good, to be honest had never thought of amazon market place or play trade!

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    abes books

    Ill check them out too thanks :thumbsup:

    just searched for tom clancy books, most of the top ten results can be bought from a playtrader for less than £2. Thats a delivered price and seems pretty reasonable.

    Amazon marketplace have most of the books second hand for 1p. However postage needs to be added and it comes to about £2.75 postage.

    Playtraders seem to work out better i reckon.


    read tom clancy rainbow 6, cracking read
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