Where can you get Thomas Armbands?

Found 20th Oct 2008
Took my lil one swimming today and his armbands split!

Now looking for Thomas the Tank ones, anyone found them cheap anywhere?

Cheers in advance for your help.
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Hi there

I have been looking for these for a friend too, and the cheapest seems to be Amazon ( although a few other places are the same price £4.99) - just need to weigh up the delivery charge on top of that!

Hope this helps.
You can get them on ebay. However, have you ever thought of using foam swim discs instead?


We used armbands with our eldest daughter (now 7) and got through so many pairs that, like yours, kepts splitting/bursting etc. Then a friend recommended these discs and whilst we'd never heard of them before we gave them a go and they're fab. You can buy as many as you like for each arm, up to 3, so if they are a total non-swimmer then have 3 on each arm and as they get more confident and better at swimming, you take one off each arm until hey presto - they don't need them anymore. They're fab and so much comfier to wear.

We are now on daughter number 2 who has again worn them since around 18 months and they're still going strong. In total they've had around 4 years of continuous use and are still as new, you also don't need to blow them up all the time so really recommended. By the way, we never started at 3 on each arm, both our daughters were fine with 2 and a bit of extra support from us, but if you want them to float alone then get 3.
The discs look great - thanks.

Think I am going to return the armbands to Mothercare where I bought them as I am not happy he has only worn them about 6 times for 45 mins max each time.

I seen the Thomas bands on Amazon at £4.99, seems an OK price - delivery is now free for orders over £5 so I will have to find something for a penny lol.

Thanks for your help x
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