Where could I sell my GameCube collection?

Found 19th Oct 2009
I have a big GameCube collection, the only problem is it's been modded with a Qoob chip (but there's no copied games included), and I can't find anywhere to sell it, except the Loot. Does anyone know of any sites that specialise in selling games where I'd be allowed to list it? Tried all the usual places like eBay, and checked the rules here but I think it's a no go..
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Where does it say you cant sell it on here? Modded 360's are still available, as long as you don;t include any copied media it should be fine...

You might have to wait seven days to list it now mind...
I thought about listing it a while back but I think I read something about only modded Xbox consoles being allowed for sale.. maybe that was a different site. I'll have another scan through the rules in that case :thumbsup:
Remember, if you sell it here you have to request this thread to be locked and then wait 7 days.
And if you do sell here, let me know as I've bought a Gamecube for one of the kids for Xmas and need some games for it :whistling:
Thanks for the responses
Closed. You may relist in 7 days time

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