where deers are gone?

    where deers are gone?


    no know

    No ideer

    Burnt out

    Cities. Deers are certainly gone in most cities. They prefer fields and forests.

    That said I did nearly get knocked over by one running down the street one lunchtime a few years back.

    They here ofcoursing.

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    nope, not on app.

    I've only had one in 3 days!

    I got few on app and few on browser

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    even the button of terms and conditions is gone... oO

    All your deer are belong to me.

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    I got 25 of them just naw I can't even see my colection

    ​uninstall the app, then install it again and sign in.

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    ​uninstall the app, then install it again and sign in.


    seen them in Guilford.

    M&S have venison lasagne on offer, hurry!

    I catch them all

    Just caught one. cheers

    I hadn't seen one all day then one popped up just as I clicked on a deal.... page refreshed and it disappeared.
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