where develops disposable underwater cameras???

Found 4th Aug 2008
not sure if they require any special developing i was thinkin of poppin them in on the hour at asda!
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anywhere does got mine done in tesco

did you go snorkeling?
yeah in the south of france =0) thankyou x

yeah in the south of france =0) thankyou x

I got some lovely underwater pics using a disposable camera when we went snorkeling in egypt,pretty good for a chuck away cheap thing:thumbsup:
hopefully mine actually come out ive been worried as i over wound the camera and heard a loud click =0( fingers crossed lol
you will have to share if they turn out ok
develop mine at Boots
Anywhere worth their salt will process a film locked away in an underwater housing - it's usually quite a simple clip holding the case closed. Boots or Jessops are best of course - ask if they will print with a border... It looks really nice!
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