Where did the deal for cheap UGG's just go?

Just wondering. My missus likes em.


has been deleted.. site probably a fake... but I am sure someone else will post with the answer...


Probably more fakes and was pulled

like every other UGG deal on here

yeh another one has just been posted and has vanished within 1 minute...

Too uggly apparently :whistling:

asos.com are cheap if you want ugg cardy boots, got a few pairs from there last week.

If you're not worried about them being fakes (or not UggAustralia!), just type "ugg" into google and take your pick. If you want genuine, mandmdirect sell cheap uggs but a very restricted choice. Otherwise, look out for voucher codes from Office, Shudoo or Asos - they seem to be the most common genuine UggAustralia sellers who offer discounts.

Shudoo is where i got mine (not for me) from.
Theres a 20% off code knocking about and they get a new delivery nearly every day.
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