Where did the free download thread go?

    Where did the free download thread go? I want to send a link to a friend, but it seems to have vanished. I know I've definately seen it before as I semailed a link to the thread to myself so that I would remember to have a proper look at it. Now, when I clicked on the link to the thread, I get nothing - nothing except a notice that I need to be the administrator to see that page.

    I'm looking to fine free tv/ films download sites.


    The thread is here…ii/

    EDIT Sorry looks like the original download thread has gone.
    This is the replacement. If you read Juliet_Brava's post on the new thread
    it will explain it..........

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    thanks Simon012 - I thought there was a link from one of the mods, but I only looked at Edi, Rayman, Millercat and emmjk, I forgot about JB

    cheers :thumbsup:


    It's being added to all the time so keep checking back

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    thanks JB :thumbsup:
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