Posted 20 November 2023

Where do I go for my refund now?

Quick summary:
We had a Samsung television which went faulty in August, Samsung came out (3rd party repair company) and said it needs a new part. Then told the part is no longer available. Was then told to wait for the part as it’s on a back order, waited until mid October and was then told its not coming in & they will issue me a refund upon collection of TV.
We’ve given them our bank details for a refund, TV has been collected by there logistics team since 25th of October.

I’m chasing Samsung for a refund and still have not received a refund! I’ve been dealing with the highest point of contact (CEO Team) who are completely useless!

Where do I go from here?

I’ve sent in total since august over 70 emails, wasted hours on the phone to them!
I’m sick of this now & want to get my refund and claim for wasting my time, us not having a TV since august!
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  1. freakstyler's avatar
    Just my opinion here, taking this at face value, the abrupt-ish tone of your posts, over 70 emails sent, hours spent on the phone etc I suspect you've possibly been flagged as a problem client/customer and their CS team are reluctant to deal with you. Unless Samsung's CS is either a total shambles or totally unstaffed it's the only reason I can come up with as to why this hasn't been sorted after sending over 70 complaint/chase up emails and involving their CEO/Executive team.
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    This does happen. I have seen it myself having spent some time in customer service operations. The ones I felt bad about were accounts marked "lives alone, just wants to talk" or something like that. I have listened to many nasty calls as well; people don't realise how bad it is - the sense of entitlement, the racism and anti immigrant rhetoric, etc. and the toll it takes on the mental health of the customer service people.

    Hate the companies but don't take it out on those at the bottom of the food chain.
  2. Gollywood's avatar
    The most expensive Samsung product I'd ever buy is probably a Microwave Oven...if it was a bargain.

    Anything else, no way!
    Moss.b's avatar
    I wouldn't buy anything. Cheap tat. Had a Samsung fridge, tab s6 lite, Samsung phones. Build quality in all their products is cheap. Idk how people buy their products, must have had inferior products to justify a Samsung.
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    You approach your local Post Office & mail your standard CRA claim,
    retaining two items at PO counter:
    • the freebie Horizon certificate of posting
    • the postage payment receipt
    No warranty claim required.

    Standard example CRA claim template at:…lgZ

    Credit to AndyRoyd - see this thread…454
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    They have already said they are refunding so this would be a waste of time. (edited)
  4. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Where do I go from here?

    Letter Before Action sent to Scamdung's registered office,
    and if your PayPal Credit S75 claim met S75 criteria send the same LBA to PayPants' UK-regulated office.

    Ink on paper.
    Send from Post Office via standard mail service.
    Absolutely do not send via any tracked / signedfor service.
    Request and retain two items at PO counter:
    • the freebie Horizon certificate of posting
    • the postage payment receipt
    which means your LBA will be successfully delivered even if it isn't.

    Considering Shamdung can't even be bothered to file its corporate accounts on time I doubt your LBA will be given even cursory consideration,
    and if a PPC also hits sloping shoulders then the LBA is the mandated precursor to the blunt solution two weeks after:

    My gut feeling is that a qualifying S75 claim will be settled/enforced by PayPants due to PPC wishing to keep a clean sheet so close to its recent change from foreign regulation to UK-based regulation.
  5. Shoppaholic16's avatar

    Finally received our refund back from Samsung today. I sent them a email/letter with the help of citizen advice on Wednesday & told them they had 3 days to pay else I would be going to court.
    I got a email right back for a change to say it will be in my account by Friday, however it reached my account this afternoon.

    I’m so glad this is finally over! Only taken 4months for a resolution!
    mutley1's avatar
    that is good to hear! well done and don't buy any more samsung tv, buy LG, but their CS is even worse
  6. martynhardacre's avatar
    The only way I can see to escalate this successfully is to write a final email setting out everything that has happened to date in a clear and calm tone. State that they have not fulfilled the service as agreed and if they do not provide a suitable solution by a specific date that this will be referred to trading standards. I had this many years ago with a TV that developed a fault and went away for repair where it sat for months. As soon as I mentioned trading standards it was back within 3 days
  7. jamie15's avatar
    Samsung CEO office is the most incompetent useless CEO office I have ever dealt with. They seem to have outsourced that to the same agents as the normal CS.
  8. rev6's avatar
    What have Samsung said exactly?
    Shoppaholic16's avatar
    They said they’ll issue my refund within 14 days (not working days as I clarified this) from collection of my tv. I’ve sent numerous emails to ceo team and just get told they’ll get me a update, literally that’s all she keeps replying!
  9. AndyRoyd's avatar
    See that’s the problem, I think we’re still planning to purchase another Samsung tv as the husband seems to think they’re better TVs than other brands

    Maybe there is some bizarre sanity in that concept due to the factually proven observation that lightning doesn't strike same place twice,
    so obvsly any new Samdung will last longer than the time it takes Shamdung to file its corporate accounts.
    Oh wait...

    Absolutely and obvsly best to avoid Samdung Electronics (UK) Ltd as a retailer;
    probably / likely best looking at Costco or Richer Sounds as a suitable vendor;
    and maybe make direct payment via credit card rather than PayPants Crudit.
  10. happi's avatar
    File a S75 with paypal CREDIT. (edited)
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    Utter rubbish on two counts:
    • if an S75 claim meets the required criteria "PayPal Credit" is mandated to support S75 whether PPC likes it or not.
    Considering S75 support is stated in its credit docs there is no such PPC "doesn't have S75 anyway" rubbish.
    • PayPants buyer protection has zero relevance to a warranty issue.
  11. mutley1's avatar
    I always give a company a month to resolve any issues, so I would give them a month for the refund before I would even bother to chase anything as that will save the time you spend on the matter.

    Unfortunately, Samsung has poor customer service so it isn't surprising that you are having difficulties with them.

    You can't claim for them wasting your time, that isn't something you can claim for. If they actually end up giving you a refund then I think that is the best you can achieve.

    Do you have the refund promise in writing? Could it be that they are going to repair the collected TV and send it back?
    Shoppaholic16's avatar
    No they’ve emailed to say they will refund us for the television. No mention of repairing the television. They’ve also taken our bank details for the refund not once but TWICE.

    Zero customer service! It’s actually ridiculous from a company like Samsung!
  12. sparky64's avatar
    How did you pay? If you paid with a credit card I would be raising a dispute with them under the section 75 protection.
    mutley1's avatar
    It states that s75 doesn't apply to items under warranty that develops a fault.
  13. fartinmartin's avatar
    Bought a monitor off them, poor quality/faulty/returned, verified they got it back, no refund issued after some chasing (couple calls/emails). PayPants dispute which they upheld and refunded me - never touching Samdung again.
  14. Shoppaholic16's avatar
    Would anyone recommend small claims court? I spoke to PayPal about a s75 & tbh it seems like a lengthy & not 100% process how I was told today.
    AndyRoyd's avatar
    An appropriate compensatory route is likely:
    retailer > credit provider > MCOL.

    Retailer Shamdung is evidently not playing ball but has zero defence against the legislative "without undue delay" / 14 days to refund.

    Credit provider PayPants Crudit is assumed to have been presented with a valid S75 claim and if so needs to be seen to be appropriately processing the claim, regardless of PPCs questionable attempt at disencouraging the claim (that itself may warrant notification to PPC > UK regulator).

    If no joy from either source,
    issue both with LBA (regardless of PayPants Crudit's dissuasion) > 14 days for positive response > otherwise MCOL.
  15. louiselouise's avatar
    I went off Samsung phones (I was a dedicated Samsung Note fangirl up till then) when Samsung cut short a warranty claim phone call because I told them honestly that I was using a 2A Blackberry Playbook charger to charge my phone.

    Admittedly I was naive and shouldn't have said that but it was enough to put me off them (be wary of manufacturers trying to catch you out, always say you're using their brand's everything).

    HTC couldn't have been nicer and were really lovely (can't even remember what was up with my phone). ZTE have been great too - well - apart from the huge repair bill!

    In saying that, I have heard really bad things about Samsung's customer care in general - in that instance it wasn't an expensive fix and I simply went elsewhere to get my MicroUSB connector changed. (edited)
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