Where do i stand ~ is there anything i can do??

    To make a very long story short ~ i recieved this e~mail after e~mailing to find out where my order was which had been "back ordered" (but was showing as in stock on the site) for a couple of weeks ~
    "Thank you for your email. I have spoken to our suppliers regarding this item and they have confirmed that they received some stock earlier this week. They are now in the process of dispatching this item to our warehouse and we have been assured that all orders will be sent out by the beginning of next week."
    After e~mailing a few more times as it still didn't turn up they have told me they have cancelled it ~ but was still showing as in stock on the website!!!
    How can this be right??
    Thanks for any info given!! xx


    who were you ordering from? :?

    If they have not already taken your money then they can do what they like unfortunately. It is only when money has changed hands that the contract is "supposed" to be sealed.

    Original Poster

    No, no money taken but i am really gutted!!! It's zavvi! I know they are not processing orders at the moment but this has been going on for for about 7 weeks!


    going bust as they get there stuff from the woolies lot
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