Where do I stand on this insurance issue?

    Last year whilst I was at University me and my father shared an insurance policy and he was the main driver, I was the named driver. We took the policy out with Post Office who was the cheapest and they use a panel of insurers.

    I moved to Oxford recently and I've taken the car with me. So I took out a new insurance policy with me as the policy holder and my father as named driver.

    Now Post Office have automatically renewed our policy with our previous insurer which was a whopping £1325. Now when my father saw his statement he threw one called and cancelled it today as that's when he received his statement. Now during this period of 26 days (3rd-29th) they've cancelled the policy and taken a total of £300 and something off the whole policy.

    After calling them, they said their T&C state that if you don't notify them, they automatically renew for with for you, using the existing policy, which in our case happens to be pretty damn expensive. They said it's not their job to ring customers as they send a renewal letter out which states "We'll automatically renew it for you" and that is all.

    Now I'm currently on my placement and my financial situation is that I'm just getting by. I can't really afford to take this out of my expenditure.

    **** happens I guess but do I have any leg to stand on?


    Have you paid it?

    How did you think that your car was insured if it was supposed to have ran out?

    usually when you set up the insurance there is a box to tick if you would like them to renew it automatically at the end of the year. maybe check thorough any old paperwork. Or is there a cooling off period from when it was renewed to cancel it, there usually is when you buy a new policy!

    send back the one insured for your father andyou as a named driver explaining change of names etc, they should cancel and move all monies over to your new one with you and father as named driver, legall I really dont knw about them automatically insuring you after first year as you could have gone away, not received renewal etc a number of reasons why I dont think they can do that.

    It is possible that if you explain the position to the insurer and supply evidence that the car was insured elsewhere they might waive the premium.

    However, if they sent you a renewal notice and you (presumably) didn't bother reading it, you've only yourself to blame. :oops: It may be different if you could prove you didn't receive the renewal notice but, otherwise, your only real hope is to throw yourself at the insurer's mercy. It may well be a very expensive lesson learned. :whistling:

    I was suprised when my insurance renewed itself. The next year I made of point of phoning them to cancel and they still took the money even though my new policy was with them too. They refunded the charge although it wasn't much anyway.

    Did you insure it with someone else? I'd phone them and kick up a stink about it auto renewing when you've got it insured elsewhere anyway.

    Best bet is to prove to the prior insurer that the car has been insured elsewhere for the period and they should offer a refund!

    I always thought that they should send a notice of new insurance cost before renewal. Otherwise they can charge what they wish. Maybe you should contact the CAB!!

    It is all legal and above board. Odious practice but there you go. They will have nade a reference to it on your renewal letter.

    I keep promising myself that I will avoid going with any company that does this but the fact that it is becoming more and more popular and I am cheap - so want to go with the cheapest quote - ends up scuppering by protest.


    I always thought that they should send a notice of new insurance cost … I always thought that they should send a notice of new insurance cost before renewal. Otherwise they can charge what they wish. Maybe you should contact the CAB!!

    From what I read they did. Sent a renewal notice.
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