Where do I stand on this situation with Aria?

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Found 1st Feb 2006
I bought an LCD TV from them for £512.53. The only thing that I opened was the plastic packaging for the remote control.

I wasn't happy with the TV and returned it under the 7 Day Distance Selling Regulations for a refund, 3 weeks later and I've heard nothing from them so I just called them and they said it would be subject to a restocking fee of 25% (for a plastic bag!) I said it wasn't acceptable and did get it down to 15% but that is still about £60 just for a plastic bag to be replaced. Are they allowed to do that and is there anything else I can do to get more of a refund, if not a full one?

Thanks in advance.

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I would say you've got more chance getting bit on the arse by a cabbage than getting any more out of Aria.

They are a terrible company and the way they do business is absolutely appalling!

I experienced something similar just before xmas when I bought a LCD monitor from their site. The monitor turned out to be faulty and had no end of problems returning and sorting a refund. Eventually I was accused of misleading Aria by their customer services manager. I paid the same 25% restocking fee and I accepted the refund because I was worried they'd return the monitor to me and I'd get no money back at all. Because of this my credit card company wouldn't cover me for it either.

Needless to say I won't be buying anything from Aria in the future.

If you do a quick search on the net you'll find that we're not the only people that have received a poor service from a tin pot company. Allegedly they've got County Court Judgements against them too. The best thing to do is accept this as a huge mistake and spread the word to everyone possible that if you do purchase from these people you will receive a bad service. I personally hope that Aria's business is severely damaged by their total lack of customer service.

You can of course make a complaint to the PCA too. You can find the link to the PCA website on Aria's homepage.

I hope you find something here useful.

Best of luck! You're gonna need it! :wink:

P.S. If you search hard enough Mr Aria Taheri's (MD) home address can be found, for the purpose of making a formal complaint of course. :wink:
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