Where do the big companies for example GAME get the game consoles from?

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Found 11th Dec 2007
I have looked everywhere for distributors of game consoles on the Internet. I am confused where these big retail companies get the consoles, DVDs and games from. It can't be wholesalers as they will be too expensive to have a middle man. Is the supply chain directly from the manufacturer to the big retailer? I have tried to look for information on the internet to see if Sony directly distributes PS3s, but can't find anything.

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they must get directly from the manufacturers

or wholesalers but dont know who!

Big business can go directly to the manufacturer. I used to audit a large computer company when the PS1 first came out, and everyday a Sony lorry would arrive full of machines.

Sony would not sell to you at wholesale prices! In fact they have very strict rules on pricing of their products.

Sony are ***** when it comes to distribution.. just look at the whole Lik-sang fiasco

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Is this what I should be looking at?


got a friend in the bizz , think about how many shops there are worldwide selling sony stuff if they were got direct then sony marketing would need to be the biggest employer on the planet

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I don't know if something went wrong in replying but my link vanished. Was it taken off? If so, why?

Needs to be approved manually as you don't have many posts.... you joined in 2004?!?! I think you win some kind of prize

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I should post, I love the site, but i'm more of a bargain reader than a bargain finder nowadays.
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