Where do you buy your.......


    seriously, im sick of them becoming faulty after a short time so where do you buy your socks mens ones that is!

    online or offline ?



    Marks and spencer

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    Marks and spencer

    ooer sir :thumbsup:

    Another vote for M&S.

    Also Debenhams often have them at good prices and wash well.


    lawl at faulty

    mine are from christmas morning :lol:

    M&S but they aren't quite as good at the moment as they have been in the past.

    For sports socks I have been buying OH Puma ones, they last really well.

    Like ]these

    Also come in black and various greys

    Costco multipacks, my OH swears by them and usually last a good year:thumbsup:

    I buy in Primark, use and throw, best one's for £2.....,


    Primark, 6 pairs for £2 for me aswell, last quite a long time, and just … Primark, 6 pairs for £2 for me aswell, last quite a long time, and just bin them when they wear though.

    i have to get mine rewoven :x [.]

    TKMaxx often have branded ones relatively cheap.



    Blimey, what next? darning lessons?

    Primark, you get a few pairs for a few quid, cant remember how much but cheaper than slave labour for darning them, cheaper than is worth my time whipping my mother into making them!

    Lidl, but I couldn't say how good the long term quality is because my dog eats them all before they get a chance to wear out and I have to buy new ones at least once a month!! Good price though and they feel nice on.

    Topman in the sale.

    cotswold...expensive but worth it!

    I use either asos or buy adidas sports socks which last for ages and are thick

    My wife knits mine :thumbsup:


    and please do not take offence by this but u must also take good care of your feet making sure nails are trimed and filed you must also smoth the hard skin off your feet i keep mine very smooth and trimed this also help keep your sock in good condition and it good for your general health as well as those who live with you!!!!!!:oops:

    tk max but have to look through them all to find the good ones

    Cant beat marks and spencers really wash well and dry well in the dryer with not much shrinkage

    If it is Sports Socks I have started buying the 'Pringle' ones. They do them in white, black or grey. I have seen them in TKmaxx ,but I normally buy them in Matalan. They are £5 for 3 pairs(I think). They are thick ,soft and wash well. My youngest son(15) who likes 'named' products initially turned his nose up at them until he started pinching his older brothers. Now I have to mark whos is whos.

    They both now like the Pringle boxers too(again thick and soft). I get these at Costco as they work out cheaper than Matalan.

    Costco, pringle multipacks
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