Where do you get discounted Aladdin The Musical tickets?

Found 24th Apr
I would like to buy tickets for Aladdin Musical and wonder if there is a website or vouchers for discounted tickets?

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Is there a specific theater / venue or area you want to book for?
Op, these are the websites I use for comparing prices and buying tickets:

londontheatredirect.com - has 8% top cash back
cheaptheatretickets.com - sometimes has offers
comparetheatretickets.com - compares prices from many online sites
seetickets.com/the…ets - sometimes has offers
lastminute.com - sometimes has offers
Article on cheap theatre tickets hacks: becleverwithyourcash.com/che…re/
Check if cheaper to book directly from the shows website compared to above links.

You will find for the same seats, prices do vary on the sites due to admin fees charged, offers, cash back, and even seat availability varies depending on the online sites. For example I bought Motown stall tickets for £25 (discounted) on one site, other sites including show's website did not have these particular seats available, but were charging £47 - £60 full price for rows of seats behind me. Just got to know how to play the game, and spend a bit of time hunting the best deals.

Aladdin is a fun great show, with really great sets and props. If you're taking kids, they will love it.

Good luck!
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Delfont Mackintosh Theatres I use.
Try for the Aladdin lottery tickets on their website, the tickets are £20 and I believe you can get up to 2 tickets for £20 each, good luck
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