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Found 16th Jan 2007
What would you consider the best place (supermarket) to do your 'regular' shopping?

Let's face it we all enjoy a bargain and to keep costs low (thus bowing to the greatness that is HUKD :thumbsup: )

So where would you recommend getting the essentials from - i've opened a poll - the 'other' category is if you just use a little local store for example - please post if you use anywhere else or if I've missed one out.

Also, do you take advantage of BOGOF's or special offers or do you stick with tried and trusted brands? Do you stick to name brands or shops own - and do you find them as good?
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Tesco (almost) everytime - clubcard points that quadruple to deals and pay for mine and her's MOTs and Services every year! with still plenty left over for some nice days out!
i find asda is a lot cheaper on my big shop...and has more variety

tho i like tescos too for a few diff items. and the clubcard points are nice
Morrison's, loads of bogof's
Asda - almost always on line & use the vouchers from here.

If I have to actually go to a shop then it's usually Morrisons.
salads are LUSH from morrisons
Clubcard points and their R&R policy
theres more reasons to shop at .. morrisons
Tesco, because my bro works there and that means 10% and clubcard. Also because there are 3 next to us.

I go Lidl because its cheap lol.

And somtimes S ainsburys- it really does tase the best (or better then tesco's at least).
Mostly Tesco
All the stores (Morrisons,Tesco,Somerfield,Aldi,Kwik save,Lidl,Netto and the local Bells shop that is now S ainsburys are all within 5 miles of my home,so wherever the bogofs or best deals are,thats where we go.So we do the rounds really,but on the whole Morrisons seems to get most of my money.
i go to tesco for the clubcard points also get my gas and elec with e-on for the clubcard points petrol from tesco for the clubcard points to. they do say points make prizes.
Marks & Spencers for the food, Tesco for everything else :thumbsup:
We shop at Asda but if Tesco clubcard points really do earn you a lot then we may switch. Or should I say I would, but I am not sure on the other half as she is not keen on their food.
Aldi a Supermarket ? it's just a big cornershop :giggle:
I shop at my local Spar. It's tiny (basically a corner shop) and everything is horrendously overpriced. If you venture there after 7 you would be lucky to buy a pack of sausages and often the entire fridge and freezer section is completely empty except for maybe Microchips.
I don't have a microwave so this poses a problem
Asda was there this evening with my sil actually and have just finnished eating a choc pud that I got cheep

theres more reasons to shop at .. morrisons

Am i the only one that had to have this pointed out to me the other day? :oops:
no i!
Morrissons every time. For the BOGOF's
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