where has my post gone?

    put up a post of cheap hd-dvds @ the hut and its vanished?


    Original Poster SuperEd

    any mods shed light?

    was it maybe deleted due to duplicate posting - did you do a manual search beforehand?

    I thought this was gonna be a thread having a rant at Royal Mail.

    I was ready to join in


    Anyway, probably spammed by members/ removed as it could have been a dupe.

    Original Poster SuperEd

    yeh couldnt find anything and had no message?

    If it's been member spammed, the mods may not know about it.

    You won't always a get a message from the mods.

    Original Poster SuperEd

    good deals aswell

    sorry slow on replies this morning goonertillidie

    Removed it as it is a duplicate

    Original Poster SuperEd

    ok thanks thought it wa odd no-one spotted it lol will expire this thread now

    No prob Thanks
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