where has my post gone (royal mail)

posted just for emasu


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as previously said set up a re-direct with royal mail staed card was invalid when setting up on their website (done it twice) and checked my account yesterday and they took 2 lots of money out


I've lived at my current address for 14 years. Throughout that time, my mail is continually being misdelivered to a totally different street that has a name that is so completely different its embarrasing. I get thier mail often too!

My house was built on the location of a 2 very large houses and replaced by 5 smaller ones. My door number ends in a letter as a result. Same thing for the house my mail ends up.

So if your door number is 35A and you are not getting your mail, search for other nearby streets that may also have a 35A and you may get lucky!

There is certainly no point in complaing to the PO. I know from experience!

Original Poster SuperEd

i also have got the letter A on my door and always get the shop from downstairs and he gets my mail too so im a postman most mornings and so is he lol

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