Where have all my email alerts gone?

    I was getting loads of emails telling me about deals - hundreds! and now I'm not getting any. Does anyone know why? Thanks.


    Number of reasons why:

    1. Like a number of things on the "new site" it probably doesnt work.
    2. Theres been barely any deals today because its so dam hard to understand and you cant just "quickly post a deal" like you used to.
    3. You probably have to set it again, option is probably located somewhere deep within the site in a illogical place
    4. The server running that operation probably froze when the coldest deal in history was posted (this new site!)

    Bring back the old site!!!!

    I have asked this but still no reply,got 1 it said hot deal posted but had to open up message to read what deal it was where as before it was in the subject field.
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