Where have all the 12 month cashback deals gone?

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Found 7th Jan 2008
Just been looking around to try and find a 12 month free deal and can't!

Have run several over the past few years with little or no problem and thought I would have another one seeing as the current one has just ended.

Didn't fancy e2save's free LG KG800 offer and thought I would wait a while for an offer on a better phone and now there don't seem to be any at all? Is this normal for January?

Can't believe the Which article has killed all the cashback deals already?

Any suggestions (reputable cashback retailers only please)

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Was thinking exactly the same thing!!! Scoured the internet but can't find any!!!

me too...... I looked around last week finding a number of deals, this week - none!!

My contract runs out with CPW/02 5 weeks time, at this rate the best will be a 3 deal at about £15pm.... unless anyone knows better??


Just to let you know the outcome, I could not find a company that gave me confidence that I would receive my cashback, meanwhile tried to negotiate with CPW unsuccessfully... finally tried to cancel contract with them, spoke to retentions who offered me some great deals!!

Settled for a 12 month contract at the same rate £35pm 400 Xmins 500 txts, 11 months free, on cashback 4th/8th/12th.

There were others like £300 automatic credit so nothing to pay for ... months etc etc

Let us see what there will be next year?!
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