Where I can buy cheap Nintendo DS Lite in store ?

I would like to buy Nintendo DS tomorrow. I live in London, so I am happy to collect it somewhere. You know which merchant has got a best deal ? I know on line game.co.yk there is an offer for NDS Lite + Game for £99... I don't know if same deal or better one is available in store... What you can recommend please ?


Are you a student?

Try Argos, no game with it but seems to be in stock and in any colour:thumbsup:


was in game few days ago and they were doin ds lite + free mario kart for 99.98 in store

also try gamestation they have some good deals too, play them off 1 another

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electriclinux, no I am not a student, why ?
I will check game and gamestation tomorrow, thanks

a student discount available in pc world/ other stores (gamestop)

toys r us were doing a £10 gift card when you spent £70 not sure if tehy still are

i got the game deal for £99.99 with mario kart
then sold mario kart for £15 on ebay

cant wait to get my flash card thing, and play loads of games!

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Where I can have some info about flash cards ? Which one is the best ?

EDGE card is a great card at a great price on Amazon and comes with everything you need.
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