Where I can get a two ring camping stove that attaches to the top of a medium size gas bottle?

    I've just come back from Galstonbury, where I saw someone using a medium sized (about 30cm tall) gas bottle and they had a two ring stove attachment that clamped onto the bottle. It was really cool. I work on site each year and can take a van into the site, so this type of attachment would be really useful. I've searched on-line but can't see one. And before you say - I did ask the fella where he got it, but he'd borrowed it and didn't know. Any camping / festival experts know where I can get one?


    I have one....has 2 burners with a grill underneath it, was a gift off a family member though who is away at the moment, I would guess you can buy them from caravan/camping shops? I remember someone mentioned when I got it that you can replace the gas bottle possibly if you can find the ones that connect to the larger ones they could be changed to fit the smaller bottles? be of any more help

    asda have some camping gear at the moment-there is a 2 ring gas burner which you carry in a case when not in use. the gas bottles are the size of a large aerosol can(hope that makes sense)

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    Thanks for the tip, but I'm after one that sits on the older style gas bottles (i.e. the ones with the regulator and pipe). Perhaps they don't make them anymore?
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