Where is best place to trade in Call of duty modern warfare 2 please

    Partner has finished it and would like to trade for something else x


    Most places will give good money for it - try ringing around GAME and CEX for the best price .... prices change daily on something this new.

    Is your partner not interested in the multiplayer? best part of the game imo

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    thank you will ring around tomorrow
    No he has played all of them and i think just got this to see what the hype was about but he is dissapointed he finished it so quickly, He doesnt play very often just as a way to unwind now and again so he would like another game x

    What format is it for (xbox, ps3, pc)?

    How much did he pay for it and how much would he want for it?

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    its the ps3 he paid £32 but going to take it to town tomorrow and trade it in as he wants another game to play x
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