where is everyone? its very quiet!!!

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Found 9th Aug 2009
normally more active than this on a saturday night!

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i was just thinking the same maybe we the only ones with nothing to do in a saturday night lol

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maybe! lol so what you up to anyway then?

about to kill my hubby if he dont stop snoring in my ear lol how about you?

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lol so weird i have just kicked mine upstairs for snoring on the couch while i am/we were supposed to be having a drink together as we are both on tight shifts this week so not much time together! and guess what!!! lol

umm he fell asleep lol mine can never last past 12am hes a light waight needs his bed or he just falls asleep with everything around him

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oh man thats bad!!! mine does normally go the pace! are you new here or just a new username?

i been coming for about a year but only just got a user name

im very ******. my brother in law got two holes in one today!!!


I was on nights last night, so only been up 12hrs....
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