Posted 24 November 2023

Where is the best place to buy a PlayStation 5 console at the moment?

I was gutted to have missed the PlayStation 5 spider man 2 bundle at Argos for £399 and have been waiting for this to go back in stock or on offer at another retailer with no luck.

With PS5 consoles being pretty much the same price at all retailers, how do you decide best where to purchase from?
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  1. Rick_Hussain's avatar
    Yep, same position here. Really tempted to pull the trigger on this Forbidden West bundle for £410 ( which appears to be in stock still.

    I feel if I don't go for that, then I'll be committed to the Slim at the point (edited)
    Trevormal's avatar
    We ordered this bundle this morning. There were better games/prices a few days ago but it seems that there’s no availability of the ones we were looking at now. Not our first choice of games included in this but the price isn’t much more than the console alone.
  2. WatchThisSpac3's avatar
    I’m really surprised Amazon haven’t done a drop yet unless I’ve missed it?
  3. ojdavies's avatar
    I have ordered from Argos with a £20 quidco bonus and 5x nectar points, but may return if I see a better offer. Annoyingly I couldn’t choose a free game or stand since all the options were out of stock in my area.

    It seems like most offers were launched already and nothing has been held back for Black Friday unfortunately.
  4. man_utd99's avatar
    Once the £390 ones sell out. Will most be back to £500 and will be hard to get one for £390 again?
  5. iand75's avatar
    got ps5 disc editon from game £349 with no game (edited)
    Harriet89's avatar
    When did you pick this one up?
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