where is the best place to buy CD's, Albums now

    hi there i was using CDwow and using the £1 voouchers when icould but the last couple of orders, a few months back and i wasnt happy with them so wondered where you guys use, would recommend, thanks liam


    Cd-Wow appear to be getting better since they have been taken over in my experience.A couple of months ago (after 3 orders which I finally got fed up waiting for and cancelled) I swore I would never use them again.However had a couple of vouchers earlier this month so risked using them to get 2 cheap Region 3 DVD's.Very surprised when both arrived in record time !.:thumbsup:

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    ok thanks i may try them again any pointers for vouchers?? thanks liam

    Have a go at this M8.Bet you only get 50p (like me and seemingly everyone else :roll: )…446

    I used the mastercard promotion (£1.00 off all items if paid for by Mastercard) & a £1.50 voucher I 'won'.Not sure if that promotion is still going though.

    Also try BangCD, they do quite cheap CD's but they are sent from singapore. I've only got one CD from them before but it arrived with no problems.

    Depends really what music your into I like rock, so I've been using amazon marketplace and getting them from the states e.g. managed to get motion city soundtrack, yellowcard, cartel and the starting line's new albums for a combined total of less than £20 all brand new and sealed only downside is delivery is about a week

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    ok thanks guys especial you posh i may look into that! seems worth the wait rep added guys!
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