Where is the best place to buy herbs

    I'm trying to make my own soups. I can cook OK (just have been lazy and not cooked properly in years) and have no herbs or seasoning (unless you count salt and pepper).

    I don't have a lot of space, my flat is tiny and I have about half a shelf to devote to any herbs I get which is about a 20cm squared space at best. I can't really bulk buy much because I don't have the space! I'll mainly be making soups, I need a basic variety of herbs; basic, coriander...etc etc (no clear idea really, just all the basic herbs).

    There has to be a cheaper way than going to Tesco/Sainsburys...etc and paying £1+ a jar....

    I also want to get hold of decent stuff- I've had pepper for example from at least 2 major supermarkets that doesn't taste of anything, just looks like black dots-and no it wasn't the value pepper it was the supermarkets own line.
    I'm not trying to be fussy, just don't have much cash to spend and don't want to waste it on something which tastes of nothing.

    I'm in London if it's any help.

    Any cooks out there who can help/advise?


    Try Asian or Chinese supermarkets, they usually have all the herbs you'll need at a great price and they're normally really fresh and tasty.

    Buy fresh if you can, you can chop them up and freeze them if you have the freezer space. I suspect you can probably buy bulk frozen or dried online if you google it.

    Have you tried growing them,might take a bit of thyme but definitely worth it

    live herb plants usually reduced to clear in tesco and other supermarkets as they have sell by dates just like food.

    I bought fresh basil from Tesco last May and its still alive and growing well.


    I bought fresh basil from Tesco last May and its still alive and growing … I bought fresh basil from Tesco last May and its still alive and growing well.

    Jeezzzoo. How did you manage that? Mine always wilt and die after a few weeks

    aldis do basic range of herbs and spices , also garlic , salts and pepper in grinders and seasonings.
    tescos has a lot of their own brand herbs and spices in glass jars for 50p recently, you dont need lot of space , eg. i keep my curry spices in an airtight sandwich type box, others in a tub like italian herbs, bayleaves peppers.
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