Where is the best place to change pounds into euros ?

Found 26th Jul 2008
I'm going to france next week and need some cash money for cafes,museums,...
Is it better to change it in the UK or in France ?

Or should I use a prepaid credit card (travelcard) ?

I'm happy about every advice .

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check out m&s the best rate ive seen so far is 1.22 euros a pound m8
just got my nationwide cards, will test it in france on tues!
The best place is when your actually over in the country, but you have to be careful, because some like over here try and rip you off, but i have to say i never change over here, as not as good as rate as when your in the country xxx
Travel shops will price match other shops
When I went away last week Thomas cook were offering 1.14 euros, went into holiday hypermarket and they offered 1.22 euros ( I told them I was offered 1. 20 euros):whistling:
Thanks for all your helpful advice!
travelex online were by far the best when I was going to France last month. Order online and pick it up from the departure airport on the day you fly, they are open from about 4am onwards
post office - no commision
everywhere is no commision now mostly
Try Post Office on line I think the rate is 1.23 plus free delivery if spending over £500 also £1.55 cash back on Quidco.
Try the travel money maximiser on the mse website you can get 1.24 at thomas global exchange. Link below


Happy holidays
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