Where is the best place to get euro's ?

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Found 13th May 2009
ok so im going away early july and as the euro's is rubbish at the mo, just wondered where the best place to get them is...

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i have always used the post office

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i have always used the post office

yeah me too, went to m&s last year though as there was a deal on....

If you can leave without the cash, I think using the credit card is your best option. They normally have a better rate.

is it better to buy now or later!!!!

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is it better to buy now or later!!!!

im going to buy later i think, surely it cant get much worse ?

either way im going away in 7 weeks

postoffice had pretty crap rates the last time i was going on holiday......... though you can get a prepaid card thingy with them which would be safer than carrying money with you
if you're after euro notes, check:

it'll tell you the best rate and then just go to the website and find the nearest place

hope that helps


is it better to buy now or later!!!!

In jan when we went to rome we were getting 0.96 to the £

Last week for spain we got 1.10 to the £

So i would wait a bit longer personally.

The " Euro " isn't rubbish, the pound is.;-)

If you have a Nationwide Flexaccount, use your debit card in overseas ATM's for the very best rate with no charges in Europe.


Berlin, Paris, Brussels........

went away last week...bought euros from post office. rubbish price. my friends got a better deal at m&s

The other thing to do is get a card that doesn't charge commission etc. for using it abroad. The Abbey Zero card is a credit card, use it abroad and there's no commission, and no charge for taking out cash. Only thing you need to do with it is remember to pay off the balance in full so you don't get charged interest....



try the above site very good rates and free delivery to your door if you purchase euro's equal to
gbp 500.00
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