Where is the best place to get my Ice Skates sharpened in Bristol?

Found 20th Jan 2015
Hi, Just bought a new pair of ice skates and need to get them sharpened. I would prefer to go to a knowledgeable person because I've read that they take weight into consideration when sharpening. Thank you for any help.
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I would have thought that the ice rink would be the best place? They sharpen them at the rink here in Plymouth & I'm assuming (although you should never assume!) that they would be the most knowledgable.
Hi Plymouthgal, I didn't know ice rinks sharpened skates. Thanks for the heads up.
The 2 rinks I've been to offer the service so I'm sure they all must do
Depends on where you are skating now. Swindon can sharpen them, takes a few days and was ok, but I haven't taken them back there since.
I always go to the guy in the dry cleaners which is in cold harbour road in Redland. Haven't got the details on me at work but could send them later if you'd like. He's a hockey player, but really knows his stuff, a lot of people on figure skates use him.
@ding thank you for your comment

@katg, Thank you that would be great. I read about the guy in the dry cleaners but i didn't know how to contact him. I'm going to swindon on Saturday so was hoping to have them sharpened by then.
What skates did you buy? We had problems with a xertain brand bought online. App the ice tink said they are dangerous abd oeople gave snspped their ankles on them. We took ours back and bought a better pair. App its the cheap ones that are faulty. Our first pair were only £40.
Hi angel of the north, They are Roces CUSP Ice Skates. They were £44.99 on ebay. I did a bit of research and i think Roces are a good make. I think they're Italian. Do you remember what make had problems.
I'll PM you the guys details for sharpening.

In regards to the comment about cheap skates being dangerous: any skates will be dangerous if you don't tie them correctly/tightly enough, don't have the correct size or try to do moves above their level of strength.
Those skates are recreational skates, so skating around forwards and backwards should be fine, but no trying to recreate anything seen on tv etc. You wouldn't want to attempt any jumps in them!
Make sure they fit snugly, skates should fit like trainers or other comfortable shoes, they should be close fitting and probably feel almost too tight if your not used to tight foot ware.

The skates you've got if fitting correctly etc should be better than what you'd get from skate hire, so I wouldn't worry too much.
That said decent figure skates don't need to cost a fortune, if your interested my first pair were Graf 500's. They seem available for around £65 online, however I wouldn't ever buy skates without being fitted at a proper skate shop.
They are figure skates rather than rec, and depending on your size/weight have strength up to the first basic jumps, yet weren’t too strong to break in whilst learning from scratch. You have to be careful at not overbooting, it took me a few weeks/a month or 2 to break in my current pair, whilst at bronze/silver passport level, I couldn't imagine breaking them in when I was learning. However I could have afforded/bought them when I started and I'd have got stuck and I'd imagine given up if I had!
Thanks for the info katg. They are only for recreational use but i'll definitely make sure they fit properly.
The ones we had problems with were a brand called Galaxy. Our local ribk said tgere had been lots of accidents in the ice with them, where the sole cane away from the boot. One person snapped thrir ankle through it. There are lots of fakes about too. Our rink refused to sharpen them, thry dont want them on the ice. They dont come with a hardened edge blade and go blunt as soon as they come off the ice.
Thanks that's good to know. I'll definitely be avoiding that brand.
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