where is the best place to look online for holidays ? there are so many ?

    i want to go away in january, but got a headache already looking there is millions of sites, can anyone narrow is down, please


    Just go into youre travel agent and get them to do the hard work. When they get you a price get a printout then go to another and see if they can better it. I spent ages last year looking online and found it a waste to time. A friend often uses teletex.

    If you are looking online then try the website for the agent you are going into. Good luck!

    try onthebeach

    Take a look on teletext when you see something you like the look of phone them (free phone) don’t have to book, phone a few to give you an idea of what its going to cost
    We had lovely all-inclusive off it this year and was a bargain.
    [FONT='Times New Roman'] Good luck[/FONT]

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    Thanks ...


    try icelolly


    Look for somewhere you want to go, go to thomas cook get the cheapest deal they offer you, find it cheap somewhere else go back to them and make them price beat it. They are really good like that...


    Have personally used all these companies and found them very good. [url][/url], [url][/url] and Have saved loads of dosh compared to the big named travel agents and tour operators. Happy holidays.
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