Where is the best place to store games, cds i have wont work

I have a lot of ds games on cd's and i cant get them to work in my dvd drive. I have tranfered a few onto a usb 2gb flash drive but obviously they wont store many as each disc is around 4gb. Does anyone know of a hardrive or something to pu them one?? or any other suggestions would be welcome.


I just store them in their own folder on my computer, along with the saves, that way you know they are safe!

You can buy the a new hard drive here
Or i may suggest you just download your things again. I know a great website for nintendo ds games.

An external portable hard drive like the Western Digital passport should allow you to sore quite a few and still carry them around, it and other similar drives come in 80-320GB capacities and connect via USB.

You can also get cheaper desktop ones with bigger capacities but they have a seperate power supply cable and transformer so they're not as portable.

If they're on CD then each disk is 0.65 GB, it's DVDs that are 4GB.

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Thanks, is there not a cheaper way i didnt expect the hardrive to be quite that much:?

Oh and by the way i would rep you-badmanmeow- but it says i have to spread more around the others first sorry

Have you got a creative zen or an archos (both with 30gb capacity or more) that you could use as an external hard drive?
How about buying a few 2 or 4gb sd cards (play.com maybe?) & then use a poundland sd card reader in your pc when you want to use them.


Thanks, is there not a cheaper way i didnt expect the hardrive to be … Thanks, is there not a cheaper way i didnt expect the hardrive to be quite that much:?

The cheapest way to store lots of gigabytes is DVD-R disks. You can get a pack of 20 that'll store 80GB for a fiver. The second cheapest option is a hard drive, something like this ]80GB Maxtor from amazon for £25, although that may not be the best deal, and you can probably find an external hard drive for £5-10 more.

Flash memory (SD Cards, USB pen drives and similar) are only really cheap in low capacities, they really go up in price if you want to store tens of gigabytes.
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