where is the cheapest place to buy rechargeable batteries?

Found 6th Feb 2010
I need new rechargeable batteries for my camera , the ones i had last time where maplins 2000mAh they have lasted me well but seem to not hold the charge any more, so i need cheapest possible please as i use my camera a lot with the kids club and ebay.
rep left and thanks in advance guys.
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Do you think cheapest possible will work out best if you use them a lot? The new "Enloope" and "HiBrio" batteries keep most of their charge for up to a year. I have replaced most of my rechargeable NiMh batteries for these new type rechargeable and find them brilliant!!. Prices are very close to the old type.
I Always use 7 day shop and buy in bulk [url]www.7dayshop.com[/url]

VAT free and you can usually get high capicity ones very low cost
Aldi have 4 x 2300mah for £2.91-ish. There not bad either.
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