Where is the cheapest place to buy silvanian Families???

    Hi, My goddaughter has gone mad on Silvanian families.. DAM!! these things cost a bomb!!:)
    Could someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction to buy these at a good price please, Many thanks


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    amazon have some stuff discounted at the mo as do play





    Haha just about to post

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    Thanks guys and you canny

    Toys R Us have 3 for the price of 2 and/or a free kola family if spending over £40 on sylvanian families but i think amazon are the best prices still.
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    the porter

    I have just checked about 10 items on that deal and amazon beat everyone...

    Amazon are generally cheapest, but they change their prices all the time. For example the sylvanian car and caravan set is regularly £39.99 at amazon, and then they'll put the prices up by as much as £10-20 pounds for a few days, then it will go back down again. Same for the Regency hotel, it was £79.95 two weeks ago, and now it's gone up £10. Also, certain families are regularly on sale, e.g. labrador family and pig family.
    If you're not after specific items, then wait for amazon to reduce things.

    just looked and fresian cow family is on sale at moment for £9.58
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