where is the cheapest place to buy vanish whitener for clothes?

    Looking for the cheapest place to buy a small tub, it's only for a white t shirt and a stain on the white part part of a pair trainers. Thank you


    Possibly B&M. I buy an aerosol can for carpet and it's a few pound cheaper there than most retailers and supermarkets.

    Home bargains do there own under £1.

    B&q. They often have big tubs for £5. Real big tubs
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    I bought the big size for £5 from Poundworld a few weeks ago but was still being sold in the Reading shop last week

    Bought some for £3.99 yesterday in B&M,
    Wouldn't recommend the cheaper ones myself, bought one recently called "wizz" either from Home bargains or B&M, didn't seem to work thou, so a waste of money.
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    If it's just a one off, I would be tempted to go begging round a friendly neighbour. My son is at catering college and I go through loads. Every time they cook lasagne his chef's whites come back looking like Texas chainsaw massacre. I have two big tubs of the stuff and wouldn't think twice about giving a neighbour a couple of scoops if they asked.

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    thanks everyone

    I honestly think the Lidl version is better, if you are near one. I've tried Vanish and Tesco since then and I'm definitely going back to the Lidl own one!
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