Where is the cheapest place to get an apple mac laptop?

My friend wants to get one for internet browsing and also for doing uni work

Thank you for your help



the Education store.


the Education store.

I got mine from there & got free Apple Care also :thumbsup:

i seem to remember someone mentioning on here that you might be able to get some sort of student discount which with the price of macs could help considerably. Sorry cant remember who that was with though but might be worth speaking to apple on the phone first.

Hopefully someone else might know about this.

The higher education store gets you a better discount than the education store, just tell them to log in from the uni network, it's about 15% off.


These guys are sometimes cheaper, especially on older models jigsaw24.com/

Make sure that you phone Apple to order, you can usually get a discount and some freebies thrown in.

Apple Higher Education store also has a rebate deal on ipods when you buy a mac - eg £130 rebate when you but an ipod touch with your mac (ipod touch = £152, - rebate = £22) which you can either sell or use.
Cheap or free apple care too
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