where is the cheapest place to get and xbox 360 premium

    anyone got a any decent discount codes - don't want a bundle unless there is a serious saving


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    yep - they went ages ago

    oh. I didn't realise they'd gone OOS. Sorry! :oops:

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    thanks anyway

    £279.99 is the best I found without any games.

    There are loads of places that bundle the games in with the unit on the cheap, but I wanted BF2 and nowhere did this as a bundle !!!!

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    i was looking for the best discount code I could use to get this even cheaper

    The sites with the best discount codes seem to have electronics at a more expensive price than elsewhere, so you're not really saving as much anyway. If you're in no mad rush, wait a wee while and I'm sure someone on here will find a better deal and it will be posted.

    I'm not sure if that is the core or the premium - check link to see...


    Price would be £269.50 inc del.

    I'm pretty sure that's the Premium as it's a white box, not a green one. My Premium came in a similar looking box, so I would imagine it's a Premium.

    Yes. After looking for a while I see now that the Core is in the plain green box, and the premium comes in the white box as shown above. Anyone find any better deals for gwentvillan? :?:

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    even got my bro to try to get me one today from hmv heathrow terminal 1 - on his way to italy - they do them for £240 - but not stock :-(

    Boots would be gr8 during 10% off period but they've got no stock either :-(
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