Where is the cheapest place to get heavy duty Bubblewrap from?

    I know of a few places, staples, Viking and of course fleabay but is there anywhere else please as i have got to send some wheel chairs.


    If you have one locally try a Big Yellow Self Storage depot, they stock it.

    Raja Pack.

    try wilkos


    are they cheap?

    I dont know to be honest how they compare to others but their prices are:-

    Small Bubble Wrap - per metre £0.79
    Small Bubble Wrap - per roll (100 metres) £59.99
    Large Bubble Wrap - per metre £0.99
    Large Bubble Wrap - per roll (50 metres) £39.49
    Corrugated Cardboard - per metre £0.59
    Corrugated Cardboard - per roll (75 metres) £34.99
    Packing Tissue (500 sheets) £9.99

    All prices include VAT but it doen't say how wide the rolls are
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