Where is the for sale?

Found 20th Apr
on the app I can't find anything under the for private sale, I'm looking for a phone. cheers
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Hi @shawnlee
I'm afraid the For Sale section was closed over a year ago. We suggest using Lokal uk.lokal.com/
I'd rather be without a phone than use Lokal
Andy ,I defended the closing of that section, a few years ago, as I felt Mods had enough to do without having to police that particular section . The site has changed so much - for the worse recently - that Mods seem to find the time to delete inoffensive jokes , and equally inoffensive posts that warn of the potential dangers of buying from Chinese sellers .

Pepper ,who now own the site ,are registered in Germany , but are they owned by a Chinese company ?

Are you the andywedge that has been a mod for years (when this was a great site ) ? Or has that modname just been taken off a hook in the cloakroom and used by a Pepper employee ?

I dare say this comment ,though totally non offensive , not off topic etc ,etc will be deleted as too difficult to answer , as most of my helpful comments via "Contact " have been ignored .

Do Pepper realise the heart and soul of the site is being destroyed as is plainly obvious to all of us who care for HUKD ?

Pepper , Andy you have my email address if you wish to know where this site is going very wrong !
Jesus, what did I start lol. Ok it's gone, fair enough. I was pretty active member here but my career took me away from forums, shame to see it removed
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