where is the snow link?

    Hi, clicked a link on the home page to make it snow on the page now I can't find it, any idea where it is?


    Under menu "Let it Snow"

    Luv it!!!! Thanks

    I suppose we'll have to put up with this (and worse) until all the Flamedeer have been culled

    Original Poster

    Well not happy! Clicked the link and made it snow and my first flamedeer popped up but with the message 'this batch have all been caught'! Thanks for the snow link, don't think I'll bother 'searching' for deer this year though if that's going to happen.

    does this work on the app or only on the desktop?

    I can get it on the desktop but not the app...


    does this work on the app or only on the desktop?

    Don't know about the app, but it works on mobile browser.

    i just thought it felt cold enough for snow!
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