Where is the thread re TZ65 for £150 at Currys gone?


I bought one of the TZ65 recently following the recent hot deal for this. I think the thread started with the TZ7 and then went on to the TZ10.

Does anyone know where that thread is now, although it is expired? Someone posted details of a great card and case for the camera and I want to order them, but cant find the thread.



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That is the one - thank you very much. How did you find it?:thumbsup:

I did multiple searches and could not get it.:?

i clicked (well i thought i did) on advanced put in TZ65 and clicked the deals section...... ive just tried it now and it doesnt work :-/ lol

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Thats what I tried and it was the same. I thought I was probably doing something wrong, but obviously not.

Thanks again for finding it and SD card now order.:)
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