Where on the High St could I buy a scarf ring? Not got time for online ordering.

Found 18th Dec 2013
The places that I thought would do them (like John Lewis or Debenhams) don't have them online so I'm assuming they wont be instore either.
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Marks and Spencer did as my mum bought one for my aunt a few years back. Might be worth a call to see?
Amazon still free delivery option until tonight, best range I have seen. But no good if you want it before Tues.

Not that many shops sell them and often they only have one to choose from. John Lewis of House of Fraser are the best bets
Or sign up for a free trial of Amazon prime for free next day delivery.
Edinburgh wool mill?.
Use a napkin ring no one will know (_;)
It is amazing that Amazon has such a big range, yet hardly any shops sell them



I would live to Claire's come up with a scarf ring.

Different generation IMO
Thanks for all the replies. I couldn't respond earlier as my account was suspended for security reasons. Anyway all sorted now so I can finally say thank you.

I visited M&S today, they don't sell scarf rings and none of the assistants had ever seen them in stores.

It would seem they are a blast from the past in the eyes of store stock buyers and not modern enough to bother with.

I've already had the Prime trial from Amazon so can't do that unfortunately.

It was needed for tomorrow afternoon which is why I really needed to buy it today. Will need to rethink.
Tie rack?
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