Where should I go for laptop memory and installation?

    I need to upgrade my girlfriends laptop memory and I'm not sure where I should buy it. I'm not brave enough to install the memory myself in case I break something. I was thinking PC world but I hate using this place so I need an alternative.


    trust me you can do this yourself.... its like putting bread in a toasty machine ( aslong as you get the right RAM ) :P

    Yep do it yourself
    Use a site like Corsair to see what you want...

    If you can change batteries you can do it

    Before you buy the RAM check here ] You can scan the laptop to find out exactly what you need, then shop around for best deal. As stated above, do it yourself, it is easy.

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    DoPC world do a price match - 10% thingy?

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    Its an advent 7113 but it doesn't appear to be listed on there

    As the above posters say, there really is no need to pay for this done.

    You can get the memory for as little as £10 for 1GB of RAM from [url][/url]

    Then installing it is as simple as removing 1 small cover on the back of the laptop, the slotting it in place. You dont need to open up the whole laptop or go through any kind of configuration.

    What make/model of laptop does she have?

    Look on the back of the laptop, look for a panel that looks like it will screw off separately from the rest of the case, open it (with the laptop switched off), if it is the right panel, then will see 1 of 2 sticks that look like this:

    This/These sitcks will be held in with a little spring loaded clip at each side, push these away and it should almost spring out.

    To add new memory simple clip the new one(s) in.

    you may be charged £20 - £30 for what is genuinely a 2 min job if that and is not any more difficult than replacing batteries in your walkman

    DDR2 PC2-4200 533MHz SODIMM...... I Belive thats what it has... if someone could back me up?


    Its an advent 7113 but it doesn't appear to be listed on there

    This is why it is better to hit the Scan my Computer button on the left of the screen.

    Oooh how's this for handy.

    You need this type of memory: PC2-4200 533MHz SODIMM

    Which you can buy here for £11.75 (inc VAT)…961

    Then I found this:…htm

    Which is a page about your laptop and has a section on how to upgrade the memory winner!

    *NOTE you have a maximum memory capacity of 2Gb, so dont buy more than you can handle

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    Nice one dmccabe.... I just stumbled across that exact page and copied it into word.... Thanks for the help guys....This is 100% my favourite Internet site :>

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    Jsut found it on the PC world site but it's not avaliable instore :<.....i wanted to do it tonight>…443

    Where are you in the UK?

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    Watford....there is a store 10 minutes away from me

    ah sorry then I thought I might be able to recomend somewhere, but I cant in Watford am afraid.

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    Do i need the 200 pin or 240 pin model!!!…rch

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    Am i right in thinking 200 pin is for laptops and 240 pin is for desktops?


    Am i right in thinking 200 pin is for laptops and 240 pin is for desktops?

    yeah. as far as they are DDR2 you can buy either PC4200 or 5300 or even 6400 to fit in if I'm not wrong. buy one and fit it yourself, don't think it would break anything. You should probably find the repair document of the laptop to see where the rams are though. good luck.

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    Will I notice any difference between the PC4200, 5300 or 6400?

    there are differences of course but your laptop will run at it's bus speed anyway so there's not much you can do.
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