Where to advertise car for sale?

Found 29th Aug 2010
I'm looking to sell my v reg merc c180 auto. Apart from autotrader where can i advertise my car???

Are there any good free web-sites?
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you can use fo.lk or you could set up a private standard advert on pistonheads....if you work in a big company check to see if they have a "for sale" section on their website......i know alot of local councils have their own "for sale" sections on their website for all of their employees to use, so if you have any friends working for the local authority, you could ask them to put an advert up for you
All are a pain.
But you need to sell.
Its all the tyre kickers that are a pain.
Also with autotrader etc you get more calls to list else were than buyers.
Gumtree. I used it for a friends car, and sold it within a week. Be warned tho, there are a few scammers that use that site.
Thanks for the replies.

Kzeove- what kind of scams?
webuyanycar? see what they offer you mate
already checked webuyanycar- they offered £350 for the car!!!!!!! The car is worth at least 5 times that.


Agreed...it's free as well.

Seems like there are more cars from down south for some reason.
I spent quite a bit of money advertising my motorbike in the big mags/sites like Bike Trader and MCN, but for nothing. Ended up selling it through an ad on gumtree so I would stick with the free options. Gumtree makes it really easy to post, just put in the reg number and it pulls up all the details of the car. All you have to write is a blurb and add some pics.

The scammers contacted me through ALL of the ads I placed, not just on gumtree, but don't worry about it they are really easy to spot - they usually send you an email that looks fairly genuine, but then future messages are like 'Please send me your bank details and my secretary will send you the money'. They say that without even viewing the bike/car, so it's obviously a scam. Just ignore them :-D
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