Where to avoid in thailand ATM?

    Flying out today and plan was the islands, have flights booked for various places so bit annoying, currently there is a lot of flooding?

    can't really find lot of info on it, is there places that are pointless going to at the moment?



    just noticed that e-cigs are illegal in Thailand, so if you use bin them. see @fcotravel

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    Wouldn't tripadvisor be an infinitely better place for this?Either way, … Wouldn't tripadvisor be an infinitely better place for this?Either way, two second google search:

    I don't use tripadvisor but ill take a look thanks, and the gov website does not really help because it might be safe in x place and if you was to visit it be just sitting in hotel if its raining and flooding yanno

    I used to live in Thailand. It's the rainy season that's all. Difficult to explain Thailands complicated weather as different parts are subject to different weather conditions. At the moment it's the hottest it gets in the North ( Chiang Mai etc). Very hot and dry on the central southern coast and islands ( Phuket, Koh lak, Phi Phi, Payam) but rainy ( no good for diving or snorkeling) on the southern central Gulf coast ( Koh Tao, Koh Phanyan).
    Just go. Bangkok and the North will be fine and the Western Gulf coast for Koh Chang group of islands.

    However give the main Koh Chang a miss and go for the smaller Islands: Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Wai,Koh Kham. I used to live on Koh Chang and it's now unrecognisable due to total greed and over development. Even the once unspoilt central jungle interior is full of roads and houses. In some areas you can't even find the way through to the beach.
    If you are willing to go the extra mile for the real Thai Island life get the bus down to Ranong where there will be a bit of rain and light flooding and get the boat out to Koh Payam. It's on that southern coast but the Island is beautiful and won't be affected. Rains are warm anyway and tend to be shortlived with plenty of sun in between.
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