Where To Book Cheap Flights

    looking for a set of cheap flights
    traveling around April/May but flexible and can wait till last minute if needs be
    planning to travel to the US to any of the following
    LA, NY, DC, San Francisco, Las Vegas or Atlantic City

    anyone know of any good deals or the best way to get a good deal?



    +1 to skyscanner - will save you a lot of bother.

    Coincidentlly, I've just flown back from LAX and spent a day in LA - interesting place. Seem to be lots of crazy people about though, not sure its a place to spend any real length of time. Anyway, I digress, skyscanner is your friend.

    +1 to skyscanner , try for other holiday sites to suit your needs

    Dont forget to use tripadvisor to check out your accomodation too. I've found them really good whether its checking out luxury places for a bit of a treat or cheaper, motel style if on a budget.

    Original Poster

    thanks very much

    use skyscanner save in your faves and click on it daily as we booked last year four seats were £1900 approx and for one or two days went down and we paid around £1100
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