Where to buy a BIG stock pot

Found 18th Jul 2009
I have to say guys, I'm really drawing a blank here. I've seen a couple on fleabay that look promising, but they come as sets of 4 and are just a bit to small.

I'm looking for a 4-5 Gallon stock pot prefer cheap, but I'm drawing a major blank on where to look for one. Any suggestions from teh more knowledgeable members in this forum (ie everyone but me)
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Funny you should ask this as my OH (before I met her) got one from the local primary school, (Head dinner lady) big old pot it is.

She just went in and asked apparently.
diagon alley!
If you have any Asian supermarkets nearby they usually have a good selection of xxxl cooking pots. Otherwise its the catering suppliers.
IKEA have biggies - stainless steel - but TBH you will get what you pay for,

i love the ikea gear - pretty much in destructible

http://www.cookingmarvellous.com/stockpots-c-22_82.html?gclid=CPi8uYe-4JsCFZgU4wodvl7s-AI got mine from Booker.

TY ^^ :thumbsup:
I got mine from ikea last year....its great
qvc do these from time to time on cooks essentials good luck x
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