Where to buy a chocolate fondue fountain for 13 year old girl?

    Does anyone know where I can buy a chocolate fondue fountain for a 13 year old girl? It's her 13th birthday on Monday but her party isn't until next Friday so I don't mind ordering online. I would just like to know if anyone has come across any good prices, I'm looking around the £10 mark. Thanks in advance


    Loads on Freecycle for free lol
    or cheapest on Eeeeeebay

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    What's Freecycle?

    did know you have to mix the chocolate about 50/50 mix with olive oil :w00t: it's just this really puts some people off.

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    No, I didn't know that but thanks for telling me! Sounds quite disgusting to be honest! I'm just trying to think of ideas for her birthday and she's having a sleepover so thought this would be a good present? Any other ideas? Help! Lol

    You could just get a foudue set that way you don't have to add the oil but can still have all the dipping bits , it's just to get the chocolate fluid enough to flow you need loads of oil for the fountain.

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    Thanks everyone
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